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What is expected of groups selected to receive donations from 100+ Women Who Care SSM?

If a group is chosen from among the nominated organizations for support, and they wish to participate in the 100+Women Who Care SSM process, they will be asked to:

  1. Confirm that they are a registered charity, foundation or not-for-profit (supply this number to 100+Women Who Care SSM).
  2. Agree that all donations received through 100+ Women Who Care SSM will be used locally.
  3. Attend the next meeting, to: receive donations; present information on their organization's mission, objectives and activities, and give a sense of how donations will be used.
  4. Provide receipts to each donor. Provide thank-you's to each donor.
  5. Agree that they will not use contact details of 100+ Women Who Care SSM members to solicit donations or any purposes except to send receipts/thank-you notes.
  6. Participate in any media events, as required.
  7. Attend a follow-up meeting, to inform 100+ Women Who Care SSM members as to how donations were used in the community.  
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