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Please join us!

Who can join? Everyone! Our membership is not capped in any way.

You can join individually or form a team.

What does membership entail? Members, whether individuals or teams, commit to donate at least $100 at each of four consecutive meetings.

Members agree to fulfill this commitment even if they did not vote for

the charity or not-for-profit selected. Members also agree to donate $100 even if unable to attend a quarterly meeting.

Can I attend as a guest? Yes! We welcome guests. Guests are asked to donate $100, individually, or as a team.   

If you would like to become a member of 100+ Women Who Care SSM, or would like to update your contact information with us, please use this form.

New or returning member*


Email Address*

Street address*

City and postal code *

Phone number*

Team or Individual*

If team, please name other team members

I agree to receive email from 100+ Women Who Care SSM*

I have read the membership requirements, as described on this page*

100+ Women SSM may share my contact details with groups to which I donate, in order to generate receipts and thank you's. 100+ Women Who Care SSM will not share my contact details for any other purpose.*

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