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Eligible Local Charities and Not For Profit Oganizations

Below is a list of charities that are eligible to receive donations at 100+ Women Who Care Sault Ste. Marie events.

These charities/foundations/non-profit organizations have met the criteria to be eligible for donation. Groups on this list have either not yet been nominated for donation, or have been recipients at a past event and have been re-approved as potential recipients for donation.

In order to be re-approved for the Eligible Charity List, groups that have received a donation will resubmit a charity/foundation/non-profit organization Application Form 3 years after the date that they had received funds from 100+ Women Who Care Sault Ste. Marie, and will meet the criteria to be eligible.

100+ Women Who Care Sault Ste. Marie members are able to nominate any of the following charities at 100+ Women Who Care Sault Ste. Marie events.

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

Annual budget: $1,200. 

*Former Recipient – June 19, 2018

Donations from 100 Women SSM could help individuals with spinal cord injuries or other disabilities purchase life-changing equipment and supplies which they cannot otherwise afford. Donations would be used to help purchase essential items, such as wheelchairs, hospital beds and pressure-relieving mattresses.

The costs of these items are only partially covered by government funding - individuals are expected to make up the balance. This equipment can be costly, and impossible for some to finance without further assistance. Money donated through 100 Women SSM would be used to help pay for this necessary equipment, which could literally be life-changing.

Therapeutic Ride Algoma

Annual budget: $10,000. All volunteer-run

Our mission is to provide a therapeutic and recreational horseback riding program, dedicated to individuals living with a disability, within Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma area. To help improve the physical, social and psychological well-being of people with a diversity of disabilities, including cognitive, developmental, physical, and sensory impairment.


Autism Ontario

Annual Budget: Approximately $20,000. Fundraisers & contribution-based. 6 volunteers

Our mission is to ensure that each individual with ASD is provided the means to achieve quality of life as a respected member of society. We provide a transition program for adults with ASD as well as parent support groups to help parents to socialize, share experiences, and share milestones with one another. We provide outings for individuals with ASD and families to go to the movies together in a safe space.

No Limits Adaptive Ski Association

Annual budget: $29,000. 

*Former Recipient – October 24, 2017

No Limits Adaptive Ski Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to ensuring that all people of all abilities have the opportunity to enjoy the sport of downhill skiing. We work with each person's ability in our approach to skiing. No Limits Adaptive Ski Association provides certification for our instructors, wheelchair accessible bus, and on-site attendant services at no additional cost for our participants. Should No Limits Adaptive Ski Association be chosen for funding, we will replace aging equipment and purchase new adaptive equipment.

Camp McDougall

Annual budget: $37,861. 12 full-time staff,1 part-time staff, 4 volunteers per week

Our mission is to enrich the lives of campers by providing quality outdoor recreational programming that promotes positive self-esteem, acceptance and friendship founded in a safe and inclusive Christian community.

Sault Search and Rescue

Annual budget: $80,000. 1 Board member, over 15 volunteers

The mission of Sault Search and Rescue is to assist governing agencies with a crew of dedicated trained volunteers to locate, rescue and recover those members of our community who are lost or in distress. Project Lifesaver is one of our main programs. Our team is fully trained to locate Project Lifesaver clients with transmitters quickly. A regular search without a transmitter can last days. If Sault Search and Rescue receives funds, we would purchase PLS transmitters and maintain and upgrade support equipment and training for the PLS Program.

Special Olympics 

Annual budget: $90,000. 10+ Board members, 15+ volunteers. 


Grocer 4 Good

Annual budget: $100,000. 12 part-time staff, 9 volunteers

The main program is providing paid employment and job development training to those facing barriers, primarily those with intellectual disabilities. Over 75% of staff identify as being on the autism spectrum.

Donations from 100 Women would be used to: Provide enhanced training for our staff to assist them in job search: Safe Food Handling, Smart Serve, Kitchen Safety and Food Preparation: provide the trainer and supplies and materials as well as fees; Purchase of locally sourced produce (and sell at a loss). Have special free neighbourhood events (when permitted) (at the "coffee cafe" in Fall 2021 at patio of Queen and Albert over 5 cases of fresh produce were distributed).

Ken Brown Recovery Home (Umbrella Organization)

Annual budget: $100,000

Sault Ste. Marie Alcohol Recovery Home (under Ken Brown Recovery Home)

Annual budget: $41,000. 5 full-time staff, 4 part-time staff, 25+ volunteers

We are open to men 16 and older, who are healing from the effects of alcohol & drug addiction. It is well recognized that sheltered care and counselling from KBRH equip clients with the necessary skills to cope with crises, gain sobriety & return to their respective communities, families and jobs.

Algoma Crisis Pregnancy Centre

Annual budget: $125,000. 2 full-time staff, 1 part-time staff

We provide men and women who face pregnancy, parenting, and post-abortion concerns with emotional, physical, and spiritual support in the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

F.J. Davey Home Foundation

Annual budget: $140,000. 4 board members, up to 5 volunteers

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life and comfort for the residents of the F. J. Davey Home. The F. J. Davey Home Foundation supports the F. J. Davey Home in its delivery of services to the residents of the long term care facility. The Foundation assists by purchasing needed equipment and furnishings for the residents such as ceiling lifts, high-low beds, shower trolleys, and mobility lifts.

Program Read

Annual budget: $144,000. 4 staff, 15 volunteers

We help adult learners in Sault Ste. Marie improve their reading, writing, spelling, math, and basic computer skills.

We help adults reach their own goals including: Employment, Apprenticeships, Secondary School, or Independence.

Algoma Family Services Foundation

Annual budget: $145,000 events and salary. 1 full-time staff, 15+ volunteers

Algoma Family Services is the only Foundation in the Algoma District dedicated to supporting children and youth with mental challenges and their families.

Algoma Family Services is pleased to announce effective April 1st 2022, it will make available free menstrual products to female clients. AFS wishes to remove a barrier that is holding some women and girls back from regularly participating in school, counselling, extra-curricular activities, or work. This program will help alleviate and raise awareness for what some view as a financial barrier. AFS currently stock a number of different products that will be available to clients in need.

Centre for Social Justice and Good Works

Annual budget: $150,000. 2 full-time staff - 1 part-time staff, 50 volunteers

Seeking funding to support a recreation program for children whose families cannot afford organized supports.

Program delivered in 4 locations every Saturday. Most volunteers are police officers.

Big Brothers – Big Sisters

Annual budget: $200,000. 2 full-time staff

Our vision statement BBBS strives to provide every child who needs/wants a mentor with a mentor. We believe strongly

in the proven impact positive adult role models can & do have on the lives of our youth. BBBS achieves these goals through traditional one to one matches & the diversity of group programs we offer.

Canadian Mental Health/Hope House/Club 84

Annual budget: $255,000. 3 full-time staff, 4 part-time staff, volunteers

A holistic mental health program that provides members psychosocial rehabilitation through a full range of social, vocational, housing & recreational opportunities. The Café Unit, part of pre-vocational training, serves over 500 meals per month.

Phoenix Rising Women's Centre/Non-Profit Homes Inc

Annual budget: $374,398. 2 full-time staff, 1 part-time staff, 1 contact staff

Women (with/without children) experiencing mental health, addiction & domestic violence which put them at risk of becoming homeless. 25 women reside at our rent geared to income apartments. 35 core women & 20 transient women use services at our drop in Centre on average 330+/month.

Teen Challenge

Annual budget: $500,000. 7 staff, 14 volunteers

Teen Challenge is a residential alcohol and drug addiction faith-based program. We offer help to those struggling with alcoholism and/or addiction to other drugs. Addicts, alcoholics, their family, and friends begin their restoration at Teen Challenge. For men aged 18 and older.

Sexual Assault Care Centre

Annual budget: $593,979. 6 full-time staff, 1 contact person, several volunteers

Sexual/domestic violence treatment centre addresses the medical, emotional, social, forensic & legal needs of women,

men and children who have been recently sexually assaulted or who are the victims or survivors of domestic abuse – in a prompt, professional and compassionate manner.

Breton House (Umbrella Organization)

Annual budget: $657,070. 6 full-time staff, 6 part-time staff

Breton House

Breton House is an 8-bed residential program for women with addictions. Provide counseling, educational groups,

recreation & participation in self-help community.

A New Link

To support pregnant & parenting women & their families affected by substance use and their families.

To improve parenting & influence a decrease in the harmful effects of alcohol & drug use on children.

Algoma Substance Abuse Rehab Centre

Improve health & well-being of women with substance use issues. Offering opportunities for growth & change.

John Howard Society

Annual budget: $1,000,000. 15 full-time staff, 2 part-time staff

Effective, just & humane responses to crime & its causes. Dealing with the risk factors that can lead to crime, many of our services are open to all members of the community; including youth in schools, offenders, the unemployed, and high-risk individuals: by virtue of housing issues, low educations, and no support systems.

We have over 100 Special Olympians, aged 14 to 60+ years, who participate in Special Olympics sports locally and some who qualify by desire, skill, and training to compete regionally, provincially, nationally and hopefully some day at world competitions. Our local Special Olympians participate in Bowling, Curling, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Track and Field, Swimming, Baseball, Dance and Walking. We are very proud of the accomplishments of our local Special Olympians and their individual success stories. Every facet of out community is dedicated to enriching the lives of people with intellectual disablities. Donations from 100+ Women would  be used for seasonal activities. 

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