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How does it work?

At 100+ Women Who Care Sault Ste. Marie meetings:

* 100 or more women get together for about one hour;

* each woman or team of women donates $100 (or more);

* all donations go directly to one small, local organization, chosen by the membership.


This can mean $10,000 or more in one hour for one small organization,

whose members work hard to help our neighbours, but who may struggle to raise funds.

Does it work?

  100+ Women Who Care Sault Ste. Marie launched on May 27, 2016.

At our first meeting, we raised $11,600 for the Algoma Autism Foundation.

At our second meeting, we raised $14,200 for the Soup Kitchen.

At our third meeting, we raised $15,505 for Breaking Away.

At our fourth meeting, we raised $17,575 for Pauline's Place.

At our fifth meeting, we raised $15,400 for Women In Crisis (Algoma).

At our sixth meeting, we raised $17,700 for the No Limits Adaptive Ski Association and SkiAbility Algoma.

At our seventh meeting, we raised $17,185 for Meals on Wheels.

At our eighth meeting, we raised $15,230 for Sault Search and Rescue.

At our ninth meeting, we raised $14,906 for Spinal Cord Injury.

At our tenth meeting, we raised $14,065 for Special Olympics.

At our eleventh meeting, we raised $14,000 for Christmas Cheer.

At our twelfth meeting, we raised $11,430 for The Adult Day Program.

At our thirteenth meeting, we raised $14, 752 for the Twinkie Foundation.

At our fourteenth meeting, we raised $11,760 for the THRIVE Foundation Family Assistance. 

At our fifteenth meeting, we raised $13,205 for the Algoma Autism Foundation. 

At our sixteenth meeting (online), we raised $9,775 for Helping Hands. 

At our seventeenth meeting (online), we raised $9,620 for St. Paul's Foodbag Programme. 

At our eighteenth meeting (online), we raised $9,925 for The Salvation Army. 

At our nineteenth meeting, we raised $9,310 for St. Vincent Place. 

At our twentieth meeting, we raised $11,500 for the Alzheimer Society of SSM and Algoma District.

At our twenty-first meeting, we raised $13,214 for the Brain Injury Association of SSM and Algoma District.

At our twenty-second meeting, we raised $13,330 for the SSM Humane Society.

At our twenty-third meeting, we raised $13,317 for the Down Syndrome Society. 


Who does 100+ Women support?

We support small, local, grassroots registered charities, foundations and not-for-profits,

which operate on a shoestring budget, and are volunteer-driven, with no or limited staff.

We are looking to donate to groups which support the most vulnerable members of our community,

groups for whom $10,000 or more will make a tremendous difference.

To be eligible, the organization must have a registration number from the federal government.

All monies must stay and be used locally.

At each meeting, attendees vote to choose the group to be supported at the next meeting.

Can I join? Can I attend as a guest, or bring a guest?

Yes! We invite every woman from our community to participate,

whether as a member or as a guest, as an individual or as part of a team you put together.

Each individual and team donates $100 or more.

Please join us, or RSVP for our next event! 

I would like to join 100+ Women Who Care SSM


Email Address*

Street address*

City and postal code *

Phone number*

Team or individual membership*

If team, please name other team members

I agree to receive email from 100+ Women Who Care SSM*

I agree to donate $100 four times per year to the groups chosen by 100+ Women Who Care, individually or as part of my team. *

100+ Women SSM may share my contact details with groups to which I donate, in order to generate receipts and thank you's. 100+ Women Who Care SSM will not share my contact details for any other purpose.*

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